Monday, December 8, 2008

Clean-up Crew

Today, Tristan, Sharon, Philip, Rebecca L., Kristina, Aubrey, and Hannah used Tristan's car to load and unload all of everyones concrete structures from the parking lot into the outside area off of the woodwork shop.  It took a little over an hour to do, but we did it even though it was freezing outside.  Thank you guys for helping!!!

Peanut Zine

Our last project for drawing was to create a peanut zine booklet.  A zine, I learned, is like a magazine, but much smaller.  Here is some pictures of my peanut I was given and a picture of the front cover of my zine booklet.If you can tell, on the top of my peanut there is sparkles all over it.  I am thinking it is salt or something.  I thought my peanut was very different from many others because of how it sparkled so much in the light.
The reason for the shiny gold binding is because my peanut has sparkles all around it and the gold is to represent the color of a peanut.  All ten of my drawings are inside.  Some drawings include:  negative space, cross contour, blind contour, cross section, gesture, stippling, side view, and shadow.

Temporary Gateway setup

These are pictures I took after our final critique.  They show where we want the stepping stones and half circles to guide the pathway at.  They are not permanent places yet as they need to be properly installed and have landscaping where the stepping stones are not.  We want the stepping stones to be placed in diagonals and the half circles to go in the empty spaces next to where there is no stepping stone and also on the corners of the stepping stones.

Individual drawing

This is my individual drawing of the half circle concrete structure I have casted several times.  It has a cross-section cut on the left and the right is the cross-section view.  I have labeled dimensions and poched the cross-section view.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Final Exhibit

This is the final model on the lowered table with all of the groups' final drawings on the wall above the model.  On the far right side is the drawing of the whole parking lot with our concrete structures on it to present to the school.Every group has a side on the panels with pictures and a throw-up sheet on top and two to three individual drawings we picked of each of the concrete structures.

The window side of the exhibit shows all of our failures.

Setting up the Exhibit

These are pictures I took from being a part of the exhibit group while setting up the day before Thanksgiving break.  Neal and I were the last ones to leave that night from setting up.

Practice molds

This is a half circle made from a light fixture that was plastic.  We are using several of these for our final product.This is an attempted sphere we casted from a bouncy ball.  It did not work because of the indentions on the sphere.
Kristen Sylvia and I casted this one by using a bowl with vaseline in it and then stuck ginko leaves on the vaseline to stick and finally cooking spray on top of that.  I really like the texture it made, but as a group we decided not to use this mold.
We casted the outside of  a basketball and decided not to use it either since it looked too much like a basketball.
Here is the inside of a basketball.  It has two lines that cross on one side and we have decided to use this mold for our final product.

P, E, and B process pictures

This is the cardboard pattern that we put in every square mold to make parts of a circle pattern on each stepping stone.Here are some concrete molds that are waiting to be dried and taken out.
David and Rebecca casting the stepping stones...
Kristen Sylvia and I came in on a Saturday afternoon and casted about twenty half circles using basketballs and light fixtures.

Final Picture Perspectives

Drawing Perspectives from Pictues

I am very happy with how my shadow turned out in this drawing.  It stands out and you can tell that the object is round from my shading.In this three-point building perspective, you can see where all three vertical lines come together.  It makes it a three-point because you are looking upward at the corner of a building.
This is my favorite perspective out of the four that I have drawn!  I have shown the two vanishing points that are on the same horizon line, which makes it a two-point perspective.
Here is my one-point perspective with one vanishing point that is located in the middle of the drawing on the window.  I found it hard to shade the ceiling lights' shadows on the walls.