Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Twig Project Ideas that turned into Success

I first wanted to do something with all my 12 twigs because they all curved.  I put some wire on the base of all 12 to hold them together and I think it turned out to be a good idea.  Then my problem was trying to figure out how paper could be included and here is most all of my different ideas that came about.  The paper, the cardboard, and the mat paper.  My graphic is on top and shows my very first idea for the twig project.  I wanted to have paper on either sides of the twigs emphasizing the curves in the sticks and holding the paper and twigs in place with a wire for the binding agent.  This idea did not work out.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Studio Theory Hour with John Lynn

Today John Lynn came to talk to us about 2030.   He had an interesting theory:  “What we do as a human race is like a storm.”  What we do is like a storm and also like sustainability because a storm is powerful, it’s an agent of transportation, it’s constructive/destructive, it’s a dynamic event, it is not a place or a thing and it is a process.  The 2030 Challenge was made to decrease the use of carbon and products.  It has measurable target goals and a benchmarked timeline.  It was adopted by building design leaders.  The purpose is to conserve landscapes, protect environments, and make vibrant public places and more.  We want to have buildings carbon neutral.  Lynn’s definition of sustainability (and we have heard many) is to know the storm, find beauty, trust beauty, and live beauty.  Lynn talked about LEED and how we need to make this place (earth) a green place.  I think it would be cool if all interior architecture students became LEED accredited.  He showed us some interesting computer made models of how living areas might be able to be to be green.  They didn’t seem so realistic looking though since some were big yards with most everything green except the houses themselves.  Lynn talked about how beauty is seen.  Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “…Beauty is the creator of the universe.”  Beauty is seen differently in the eyes of everyone as a single person.  So, the question was asked, “How do you see beauty?”

Twig Interim Critique Issues


In class today our discussions were very helpful to getting me to think more about my project.  There was conversation about if you want your project to be horizontal or vertical.  I have mine horizontal as of right now and I want to try and make it vertical for Friday.  Craftsmanship was a big issue talked about today.  I need to make sure how I can make my binding look more neat and perfect.  I noticed that a lot of people incorporated their precedent and I did not really think about how I can make my twig project relate more to my precedent.  Or I might want to find a new precedent instead since my ideas have changed.  Color choice and placement of the color are very important.  I learned that sometimes your project might look better if it is turned a different way, like up side down.  Scale, visualization, focus, and variety reduction are all very important when crafting.  You wouldn’t want your sticks to be really small and your paper really thick and big because it will loose interest in your twigs.  Using different materials is a good way to make your project filled with pattern and good form.  Sometimes you might want to have one focal point about the twigs to emphasis.  Having more emphasis on the twigs is better than focusing on what is being made.  Designers never stop in the process of making.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Precedent Building relating to 12 Twigs Project

This building is the Maglev train station in Shanghai.  Its interesting big curve roof relates to my twig project because the twigs I have chosen to use are all bound together and curve in one direction.  I plan to use some kind of support for my twigs as in this picture you can see how the building is supporting the big curved roof very well.

Photographed by Jian Shuo Wang