Tuesday, January 27, 2009


825 AD


-Parasu Rama cycle of 1000 years. 1st of 4 cycles

-battle of Ellandun
-Viking raiders attack Iona 

-Semi-permanent bases established in Ireland

825 BC

-wealth of burials at Athens and Lefkandi escalated

-found decline in populations of Greec and Mesopotamia
-Eretria was founded
-Greek traders were active at the Syrian trading centre of Al Mina at the mouth of the Orontes river 

-Joash ascended the throne of Israel
-The Eunomia were reforms set in motion by Lycurgus
-accession of Shamshi-Adad

-Shalmaneser II extended limits of his pternal realm by including lakes Van and Urumiyeh, in Armenia, and becoming protector of Babylon







Create : Design : : Tell : Story


Stories come from history (the past) in which we tell today and in the future.  Every story has a beginning, middle, and end.  When you are born, that is the beginning of your own personal story.  When you die, that is the end of your story.  The middle of your story is everything that happens in-between.  My sketchbook can tell you my story throughout second semester.  Architecture is like a story since it has a record of past happenings and it can be read.

Citation:  "Architecture, then, is like written history and literature- a record of the people who produced it- and it can be "read" in a comparable way."  (Roth, 5)


A cycle is something that goes through a series of steps to reach the end.  It may repeat itself a few or several times.  A bicycle repeats itself when the tires go round and round over and over again.  In A Midsummer Nights Dream, the four lovers go through a cycle of love.  Each lover loves someone and then loves someone else and in the end they go back to their original lover.  There is a design cycle that we learned about in Patrick’s class.

Citation:  R. Buckminster Fuller, World Fair, Montreal, 1967  (Roth, 43)
The building is a sphere and reminded me of a cycle and how they repeat.



A translation is when one thing changes to another.  Stoel said this week that, “Translation is most obvious when there is a mistake.”  In Patrick’s class this week, he taught that the secret in any history class is that one period follows another period.  Between those periods, change or no change happens.  What is important is what stays stationary and what does not.  We react against our parents and grandparents’ clothing because our clothing style today is different than what our parents and grandparents wore at our age or wear today.

Citation:  "... we change and adapt to our expanded condition." (Roth, 3)


Andy Warhol, Marilyn Diptych, 1962

When I think of multiview, I think of actors in a movie or play because each character sees the story from a different viewpoint.  Each character in A Midsummer Nights Dream played a different role and had a different view of what was going on.  One person may see something different than someone else when they may be looking at the same thing.  Body language can have many viewpoints since one person can think one thing about what gesture is being done as another person can think something totally different.

Citation:  "When you cross your arms while listening to your friend describe her day, she may conclude that you're not interested in what she's talking about.  But it could just be that you're cold."  (Beebe, 3)


Artifacts are objects that have meaning and a function.  For example, I have a heart necklace that my boyfriend gave me and it has meaning to me because every time I wear it, I think of him.  In A Midsummer Nights Dream, the flower was used to make a lover love someone else after they woke up from sleeping.  Architecture is part of many artifacts since it is surrounded by many things.

Citation:  "Architecture is understood to be the whole of the human-built environment, including buildings, urban spaces, and landscapes."  (Roth, 5)


Everyone and everything has a story.  In every story there art artifacts that help tell a story.  In a story there are many translations.  There can also be a cycle.  People can have many viewpoints (multiview) about an artifact, story, cycle, or translation.  My storyboard represents a story, my illuminated objects represent artifacts important to me, Marilyn Diptych by Andy Warhol represents multiple views of one person, the design cycle represents a cycle, and the flags represent different languages that can be translated into other languages.