Thursday, November 12, 2009

Waves and Tides logo

SYTYCD contest this week was to design a logo for our concept for our kitchen design studio project. I chose to put mine on a gray/blue color paper and write my concept in the middle. The text is surrounded by simply drawn waves. The media I chose is pen and colored pencil.

Concept: Waves and Tides

This week we had to make another poster, but this time it had to be about our concept for our kitchen design studio project. These are the two hand sketches I did that are on my poster. They are abstracted sketches of my concept, which is waves and tides.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Entenza House Composition Poster

This weeks assignment was to composite all of our drawings from the Entenza House: Case study #9 and make a poster with all of them on it. It includes an axonometric, a perspective, a section, a floor plan, and an elevation. This assignment was fun organizing the poster. I think I could of done a better job with my text and how it was incorporated into the design.

IAR 211-02 Blog Title Design

Our So You Think You Can('t) Draw contest this week was to re-do any of the assignments from this semester so far. I chose to do one of the first ones because I had mis-understood the assignment the first time and so I re-did it the right way this time. The top image is the first one and the bottom one is the re-do.