Monday, November 10, 2008

Floor Plans, Lettering, Line Weight, & Poche

Here is a floor plan from our book.  The darkened areas show where the walls are and I have put details in each room.Here is the Venturi House with lettering on the left.  I have to say it was very difficult with all of its weird angles.  It look longer than I thought it would.  For the next ones I had to make sure I planned a little better.

I am very proud of this elevation of this house.  Some of the dimensions worked out kind of odd after I measured them from the book since it was hard to get an exact measurement.  

Direction arrows and Scales

These are orthographic views of an object.  We had to figure out the last view using the drawing.  It is harder than you think.

Here are circles that have north arrows.  We were practicing and making up different designs for north arrows to use in the future.  The bottom half is showing different scales you might put on a drawing that shows what scale you used.  There is a border that is three-fourths of an inch and the bottom is a half inch.  The right side shows the title, your name, scale used, date, class, and page number(s).