Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pittsboro City Hall Precedents/Concept Board

I chose the Newcastle City Hall as one of my precedents because I was really interested in how the floor layouts connected with the building. I was surprised at how the performance and gallery area is on the third floor and that it has natural acoustics. I will definitely be looking into that when I start designing the Pittsboro City Hall. For the Norfolk City Hall, I was interested in all the materials and how they brought in the arches from the exterior into the interiors. I like the idea of having a skylight open to all floor levels because that keeps the space lit and open, which is what I'm going for in the Pittsboro City Hall.
My concept is the Game of Jenga and how it relates to the old Courthose of Pittsboro. The action of burning and building back up connects the building to the concept. I want strict clean lines and a space that is always balanced and flexible. Jenga is always changing so having a flexible space will will be challenging for sustaining proportion and balance within the City Hall.

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