Friday, September 17, 2010

Peer Response

Kalani Gonzalez has started his design off by his concept of an ecosphere. He wants to focus on the three layers of our ecosystem, water, land and sky. I think this is a great way to help distinguish between each ward because it will help with wayfinding throughout the hospital. I love how he even related the characteristics of an animal that lives on each water, land, and sky to the characteristics of the male adolescents, female adolescents, and children. The only thing that I want to know more about is the materials and fabrics because the light fixture for the male adolescent ward would probably not work since it is hanging and that would cause a problem with trying to reach it. Also the fabrics in the female adolescent ward are complex and I feel they might cause a bit of anxiety because of how much detail they have. I would recommend something more simplistic that would put the patients at more of an ease. I love the aquarium idea for the children's ward. It will be cool to see how it all comes together.

Tracey Wright's concept is all about creating a sense of place. She wants her spaces to be flexible so that transformation can take place. She focuses on making personalized places to hang the artwork of patients in the hallways throughout the wards. This will make the patients feel more comfortable with their surroundings and feel like they have a special place in the ward itself. I like how she makes each door entrance to a bedroom personal with the use of color. The bench connected to the bed in the patient bedrooms is a great idea because it makes the room feel more home-like. I would explore color more by the hues of blue and yellow. In the sketches they are very bright. Something that has a darker hue might work better.

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